Vacuum Hose

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Vacuum Hose

  • For Better mechanical strength ( Against pulling & bending stress )
  • For Better outside abrasive protection and
  • For Better gliding effect over smooth surface.
  • Excellent mechanical properties because of special production process ( Which allows long molecule chains along the axis of the hose = direction of extrusion; much better than a classical wrapped spiral hose )
  • Very Small Bending Radius ( r<D)
  • Good chemical resistance
  • Outer Bore of Soft PVC ( -0.5mm in Premium quality, according to ROHS ) with ribbed outside structure.
  • Light, highly flexible PVC hose, outside rib structure, reinforced with PVC coated steel wire.
  • Robust because of New Ribbed outside structure.
  • Temperature Range : -10oC to + 70oC
  • Available Size : 32mm,38mm and 51 mm
  • Available Colour : Black
  • Standard Length : 20 Meter

"We can arrange your required size on request if not available in stock."

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